Sheila Grant, PhD and Richard White, MD

Principal Investigators

Sheila Grant, PhD

Department of Bioengineering

Richard White, MD

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Sheila Grant, PhD, (left)
and Richard White, MD

Technology for producing superior ACL grafts by conjugating nanomaterials with acellular biologically derived tissue

There are approximately 350,000 ACL reconstruction surgeries per year which involve autograft or allografts and the acute care associated with ACL surgeries is estimated to be $6 billion annually in the US. Current problems experienced by many ACL reconstruction patients is joint instability caused in part by lack of cellular integration and remodeling, leading to deterioration of the graft.

The PIs have developed a patented technology where nanomaterials are conjugated to acellular tissue to provide a 3D tissue network that has enhanced remodeling and controlled degradation, promotes cellular in-growth, and provide good mechanical behavior. Our transformative technology utilizes a functionally graded nano-graft.