Gang Yao, PhD and Judith Miles, MD, PhD

Principal Investigators

Gang Yao, PhD

Department of Bioengineering

Judith Miles, MD, PhD

Department of Child Health

Gang Yao, PhD, (left)
and Judith Miles, MD, PhD

Technology for capturing a parameter of the pupillary light reflex in infants and toddlers and determining its utility for earlier detection of neurodevelopmental disorders than is currently possible

The PIs are developing a new technology to address the clinical need of an objective and economical tool for early identification of neurodevelopmental disorders in children. Pupillary light reflex (PLR) is a simple functional neurological test that measures the pupil size changes in response to a short light flash. Recent experimental studies have shown that PLR can be applied to monitor the neurodevelopmental progress in children. However, current existing PLR devices have difficulties to be applied reliably in young children who cannot fully cooperate during the test.

The PIs are developing a PLR system that can be utilized in children and toddlers. Once successful, the proposed device will be the first viable tool for objective monitoring of a child’s neurodevelopmental progress. No other devices can provide such a simple and low‐cost examination of brain functions. This technology has been licensed to LifeSpan Behavioral Technologies. LifeSpan is currently using a crowd-funding model to continue development of the PLR System.