Trent Guess, James Cook

Principal Investigators

Trent Guess, PhD

Department of Physical Therapy and Orthopaedic Surgery

James Cook, DVM, PhD

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

BioJoint Flex: A Simple Solution for Stiff Knees

More than 1 million knee surgeries are done in the United States each year, and an even larger number of patients with knee problems are managed non-operatively. While improved range of motion is strongly linked to improved outcomes, a common limitation for all these patients is loss of knee motion. Existing methods for improving knee range of motion can be painful, costly or ineffective if not done in a controlled and measured manner. The BioJoint Flex is a non-invasive device that assists in controlled, supported and measured knee flexion exercises. This device is specifically designed to safely and effectively improve knee flexion and overall knee range of motion as part of a non-operative or pre/post-operative rehabilitation program in physical therapy clinics, facilities and homes. With the BioJoint Flex, patients can reduce the need for repeat surgery, treat refractory loss of motion (arthrofibrosis) and improve their functional outcomes.